You are interested in:

your reputation, your company, your career, your assertiveness, your success.

I am interested in:

your business model, your power of persuasion on your stakeholders, your conviction, thus: your strength.

Without a strategy there can be no effective communication. And without communication there can be no success.

What is dipity?

A company that invests in the successful development of its clients and investments.


Companies, institutions, associations – supervisory boards, executive boards, chief executive officers, and managing directors responsible for public relations, public affairs or HR. (testimonials on request)

investments (palette):

  •, career and study guidance, 2000 - 2020, Co-Founder, Supervisory Board
  • ergo Kommunikation, communications agency, 1992-2015, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, sale to Edelman end of 2015
  •, digital piano self-learning, Business Angel since 2014
  •, software for 3D-production, Business Angel since 2014
  •, data intelligence for financial markets, Business Angel sincs 2018

What does dipity has to offer?

Everything strategy and communication need: analysis, ideas, concepts and implementation.

For example for:

Change, C-Level-Reputation, M&A, Public Affairs, crisis, special situations, organizational development, stakeholder-management, internal communication

For example by:

Developing ideas and themes, campaign concepts, setting up and inspiring teams, establishing and extending networks, strategic media and social media relations

Why dipity?

Experience is not everything. But is useful to recognise the shortcuts and pot holes, being able to manage expectations, to realise the connections. Three experiences:

Is it relevant – or can it be discarded?

There is an abundance: opinions, analyse, data concerning what your target groups think and what they expect. To sort everything, to prioritize it is one aspect. However, all the information only offers real added value if it is evaluated with a deep understanding of the strategy. And, thus the thoughts of others can be influenced. This reduces risks. And allows for a successful development.

Resonance: How does what

Everything was perfectly worked out. Content, core statements, facts and figures. And yet the response was zero. For the conclusive derivation of a message does not replace its effective conveyance. It has been clear for a long time: How does what in the resonance. In the future even more than today.

Share and prevail

In the past knowledge was just as important as power. Today the contrary is often the case: Those who share their know-how, often have more power than the others – and they benefit from this. As it increases their esteem, influence, trust. In short: more power. And consequently more success.

Carl Hans Ulrich Helzer

Who is behind dipity?

Carl Hans Ulrich Helzer, 52, passionate about conveying interaction between companies, political bodies or authorities and society. Enjoys motion and results at work. Combines a desire for design change with staying power. And is convinced that success is more than just financial KPIs.


  • 1966 Born in Wissen/Sieg
  • 1985 A levels in Altenkirchen/Westerwald
  • 1987 University Bonn: Politics, English, Arabic
  • 1988 Cologne School of Journalism
  • 1989 - 1995 University in Cologne, Economic and sociological Studies
  • 1992 Foundation of ergo Kommunikation in Cologne, 2015 sale to Edelman
  • 2000 Co-founder of
  • 2018 Departure from Edelman.ergo
  • 2018 Operative start of dipity


I look forward to your call, your mail. No matter whether you are a potential customer or a start-up investment: I am curious about your goals - and how I can contribute to achieving them.